Who is behind Tangible House


CEO and Founder

Nick Sabatalo entered the fashion industry in 2010 as a model and transitioned to photography in 2015. In 2016 Sabatalo founded 35mm Magazine and as Editor-In-Chief helped to create multiple print issues and hundreds of online editorial stories collaborating with thousands of artists, photographers, models, stylists and brands. Sabatalo conceived Tangible House and Tangible token ($TANGIBLE) in 2021 after being fascinated and inspired by the revolutionary capabilities that blockchain technology offers. The mission became to assist unique people and projects to fundraise by helping to create, market and sell their very own crypto token. Sabatalo has a Business Marketing degree from The Ohio State University.



Vincenzo F. Martorana Genuardi is a serial entrepreneur and adventure seeker based in Dubai and London. He is the founder of fashion brand LYON and wall art companies Skulpta, Hylus and Neonly. Vincenzo is passionate about art and as such his businesses collaborate with some of the worlds most up and coming contemporary artists, photographers and designers. Vincenzo is Co-Founder of TimeSwap, a decentralized crypto project helping people and influencers to interact better with their community on the blockchain. Vincenzo has a Business degree from Regent's University in London.



Ryan J. Brant is a Creative Director based in Los Angeles with over 17 years of industry experience. His unique processes and approaches to branding and transmedia storytelling have helped Brant to position, support, and strengthen companies such as TBWA\Media Arts Lab, Troika, Conscious Minds, Cashmere Agency, The Discovery Channel, CW, FX, FOX, TBS, Four Seasons, St. Regis Turner Sports, HBO, and many more. Brant currently freelance as a Creative Director for several agencies and recently my work, leadership, and standards of design propelled the Cashmere Agency to win several Clio awards for the Legion, Snowfall, and Claws television series. Brant is also the founder of UniFund, a decentralized project helping companies to fundraise through the many benefits that crypto offers. Brant has a degree in Digital Imaging and Design from The University of Hawaii.


Who is guiding Tangible House


Retail Consultant For Fashion & Retail Brands

"I love retail. I love people. I love retail stores that make you feel something. I love using retail as a way to connect and foster relationships. I've spent my entire career working in retail, it's what I've wanted to do and dreamed of doing ever since I was a little girl. I feel very blessed I get to do work I deeply love." Krista has over 12 years direct experience in retail and fashion and a degree in Marketing and Retail Management from The University of Florida.